Abu Dhabi Hobby Lobby: A Mother & Daughter Adventure
Ok so getting all the paperwork done and trying to prepare myself mentally and financially is proving to be quite a challenge.  Luckily, I have been able to get a the paperwork done at the state level.  Wooohooo!!!  Still have to apply for the passport.  Time is ticking so I will need to expedite... more money of course, but so necessary.  The next level is to send the documents to DC to the State Dept and then to the UAE Embassy... I am so glad there is a courier service that will be able to take care of this in a timely manner.  I need to make this happen within the next week.  So hopefully the yard sales will be profitable, seeing the funds is the only thing holding me back.  Why does it have to cost so much to stamp some papers???  UGH!!!  Story of my life. 

Anyhow, as I attempt to change the "story" I have been continuing my research of our soon to be home and I am convinced more and more that this is going to be so awesome.  Have been able to meet some locals and a lot of myths have been dispelled.  So I think fitting in is going to be even better than I initially imagined.  I have been keeping track of the weather (you can too, just look to the right)  and I think its going to be tough getting used to the heat... even though I LOVE the sun... I have heard that they are not too keen on ice and anyone who knows me knows that Mama needs her ice.  So I will definitely be packing some ice trays.  But other than that.. its al sounding and feeling good.  Just trying to balance my thoughts (mostly fantasy) with reality.  I know it can't all be peachy... but I am thinking there will be a few peaches.  Until next time...

(my email has my actual real name, btw)

You still haven't applied for your passport? Girl. I hope you can do that in a heartbeat.

As to ice trays, they have them at IKEA. No need to pack. :)


Thanks for data


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