Abu Dhabi Hobby Lobby: A Mother & Daughter Adventure
Our departure day is approaching quickly... and things are falling into place and going as planned.  Anyka's passport arrived today, yes!!!  We have been waiting patiently (actually only took 2 weeks and we didn't expedite), so I guess we were just waiting.  So to celebrate we went and purchased our much needed luggage, so now the packing can begin.  My documents have all been sent off and should arrive sometime next week.  There is nothing left to do but organize and save.  And complete the other hundred things on my list... but all of the dire necessary things are done.  Blessed are we.

I have been meeting so many people who are going over and its making this so real and even more exciting.  I feel like I am going over with friends.  I will post every so often while I am still in the states... but keep following.  Posts will come often once we are sharing our adventure. 

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