Abu Dhabi Hobby Lobby: A Mother & Daughter Adventure
I can't really describe my feelings right now, definitely in the realm of surreal.  This is really happening.  Months ago, the idea didn't even exist and now here we are three days left and the journey begins.  We are ALMOST packed... have our tickets, my work visa, and all other necessary paperwork in place.  I still fell short on gathering/collecting enough funds to be really prepared while there.  But as always I am very prayerful and am woven in faith... we will be provided with what we need.  In a matter of months we will be on track. 

I have made mention that I was leaving, but really have not made any major announcements.  partly I hate saying goodbye and the other part is I am so thrilled and excited, I want to steer clear of any naysayers, this is just not the time.  It has taken a lot of effort, prayers and determination to get us where we are today.  I am only receptive to all things positive. 

So with that said, I appreciate all of the well wishes and prayers.  We will keep in touch... please do follow our blog.  The times are different, so please be mindful of that when trying to "catch" us online or while waiting for a response.  the date and time is located on the yellow sticky note to your right.  Even though I am so excited to go, I am overwhelmed with emotions.  So much joy and anticipation for all that awaits, yet a sense of grief as I lay this chapter to rest. 

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