Abu Dhabi Hobby Lobby: A Mother & Daughter Adventure
It is official we are leaving on the 13th!!  I am so psyched.  Waiting and not knowing has been brutal.  So the real countdown begins.  So much to do... So much excitement. 
No I am no expert, but I do like to research.  So as soon as I knew that I was going to be moving to a country unknown to me, Google and I became best friends.  Every question that I had or thought I had or rumor that I had heard… I began searching for it.  For those who have the same questions, or are simply curious about how we will be living.. come click away.  And if your questions go unanswered, please feel free to ask me, if I don’t know it I will surely do my best to find the answers.    I have listed a few, but keep in mind this is a work in progress.

How will we communicate with others in the world?

Skype (its free and we can video chat computer to computer)

Magic Jack (for those who want to call on the phone and those without computers

Etisalat (for local phone and internet service)

What will we watch on tv? (Well we will certainly have cable, although most channels will be local to the country there will be channels that we are familiar with.)  I am NOT a huge tv person.  I just like the noise,  I love my sitcoms, game shows and cooking shows (and my football).  But I still want to stay connected, will prob watch more, just to get a feel for my people.  So we WILL have cable.  (My godson will be happy to hear that…LOL)

Evision (surprised me with the channels, YES I will get the package with BET) 

Where will we get our hair done? So many places…. Perms., weaves, braids, twists, whatever.  It’s all here.

How will we get around? For work transportation will be provided (so friggin awesome!!! And initially for everything else we will take cabs.  After that I plan to buy a used car.

Tabuk Trade (Ahmad Amer)

Where am I going to sculpt this soon to be beautiful body? So many places to choose from, but these were the tow that I really like.  Not sure where I will really go,  I hear most of the hotels have plans.  We will see.  I love that some of the gyms are true spas.  I can’t wait to work out and then get my mani and pedi. 

Lifeline Fitness

Abu Dhabi Country Club

Where will we shop?  

Abu Dhabi Mall

Al Wahda Mall

Mazy Mall

Dalma Mall

Carrefour (Reminds me of Walmart)



Marina Mall

What will we do on the weekends?



Camel Safaris

Hot Air Ballooning

Jet Skiing


Swimming with Dolphins



Desert Camping

How can you keep up with what’s going on in Abu Dhabi?

Time Out Abu Dhabi

Our departure day is approaching quickly... and things are falling into place and going as planned.  Anyka's passport arrived today, yes!!!  We have been waiting patiently (actually only took 2 weeks and we didn't expedite), so I guess we were just waiting.  So to celebrate we went and purchased our much needed luggage, so now the packing can begin.  My documents have all been sent off and should arrive sometime next week.  There is nothing left to do but organize and save.  And complete the other hundred things on my list... but all of the dire necessary things are done.  Blessed are we.

I have been meeting so many people who are going over and its making this so real and even more exciting.  I feel like I am going over with friends.  I will post every so often while I am still in the states... but keep following.  Posts will come often once we are sharing our adventure.