Abu Dhabi Hobby Lobby: A Mother & Daughter Adventure
Overseas.  The Middle East.  Abu Dhabi.  No matter which reference I use, or how excited I am, I still find myself having to defend my decision to trek to a new land with my daughter. I find that most people who have a passport seems to be more understanding and open to the idea of exploring the world.  If you know me at all, you know that my spirit is braided with risk and spontaneity, I live by faith and believe that universe guides and protects me.  I chose this region to explore because of the beauty of the land, the richness of the culture, the opportunities it provided and the likeness of home.  I am going to United Arab Emirates to do what I love.  Teach!  As I start to move deeper in my career as an educator  I feel a need to incorporate more of the world into my own learning and experiences.  I have embedded concepts from international curriculums into my teaching practice and I promote global education to all of my learners, but now I want to live it.  I want to have first hand account of other cultures and languages, policies and curriculum,.  I chose UAE because it is a beautiful country and has so much rich history and culture, it has hints of western life which will help for somethings to feel familiar, and I have friends and collegues who will be there.As a parent, my ultimate goal is provide Anyka with a healthy, balanced life.  In addition to her health and well being, I wish to provide her with opportunities to be well rounded and develop into an intelligent, experienced, cultured, global leader.  What better gift can I give than international exposure? 

So where are we going?  On an adventure of a lifetime.  No matter the experience, we will never be the same.  Rest assure this is a sound decision.  We will miss everyone while we are gone.  And we hope many of you will visit.  Thankfully for modern technology we will be able to journal our journey, update through Facebook, and Skype for free.  We appreciate all well wishes, prayers and blessings.



05/26/2011 10:11

I am so excited for you! You are so brave and I wish I had your drive, motivation and determination to try something new. I've looked at some pictures and read a little about the region and I know that you will love it there!

Dana Walton
06/02/2011 22:22


I know that your decision is a sound one. You have put a great deal of thought into this exciting adventure, and through it all, Anyka has been at the center of the decisions you have made. I think that this is a wonderful opportunity, and one that Anyka will never forget. The beauty of it all is that you will also have friends there to enjoy this experience right along with you. So, with that being said..... Ryan and I will see you in Abu Dhabi!!!! Let's do this girl! I am so excited to have the opportunity to share this experience with my son, but also with you and Anyka! Love you!

parnel lettunich
06/02/2011 22:31

hi, im gillians sister! ive of course heard your name over the years and gillian, OF COURSE, always speaks so highly of you. we may have even met. neway- gill forwarded me your blog and i felt compelled to write you and tell you how excited i am for you and anyka! i mean, seriously excited for you! i think youre right, that you couldnt give anyka a greater gift, you will change her perspective of the world for ever- bigger and broader! i plan to follow your blog!
-parnel lettunich

06/02/2011 22:35

You all inspire me. Your kind words and encouragement are fuel and nourishment to my soul. I am so excited that you all will journey with me some virtually and some literally. I look forward to sharing it all... good, bad and otherwise.

@Parnel of course we have met... we even fed ducks together!!  yes it's been ages so who can remember that, but thru Gillian we are fam. Thanks for the boost. Keep following and keep in touch. So nice to hear from you. I am really touched.

@Brianna, you already know, there is just no stopping this train. We have had our share of journeys together. Who knows, you may be joining us across the land at some point. (Sounds like one of our likely stories) Our paths have criss-crossed, touched, separated, gotten lost, and touched back again, yet we are still connected. We have been a source of motivation and inspiration for each other. Speaks truly of an embedded friendship and like minds. Looking forward to all the next chapters.

@Dana..... Ahhhhhhhhh! We are going to Abu Dhabi!!!!! Wow! I can remember the Shadow Rock days... two new ATL implants.... making waves in the school. Definitely divine order bringing us together... side by side we taught back then and here we are taking flight hand in hand. I can't wait to share our stories, write our books and change our lives and inspire others. Public? Private? Abu Dhabi? Al Ain? Whatever! We are going together. It's so great to share the journey.

Georgia Grace
07/14/2011 13:19

Pam, I remember the day you rang my door bell in search of Child Care,my life has not been the same.You are a stong womman and a good mother(Anyka always comes first). You inspire those around you so, go spread the love make a difference in the world.
May the almighty be with you and Anyka from here to there.
Love Ms Georgia

Pat Brown
07/25/2011 06:40

God Bless you and Anyka as you begin your new life.
Let's keep in touch. You are blessed. This opportunity is life changing. I wish you both the best.
Auntie Pat


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